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Sustainable AI - Trees

Sustainable AI Conference

The University of Bonn launched the world's first International conference on the topic of "Sustainable AI" in June 2021.

The whole conference is now available on YouTube.

The report of the "Global Future Council on AI for Humanity" is also available now.

YouTube playlist

Conference website

Report: WEF Global Future Council on AI for Humanity


Data Pollution & Power - Initiative

The Data Pollution & Power (DPP) Initiative explores the power dynamics that shape the data pollution of AI across the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We examine the data of AI as a human and natural resource in data eco-systems of power and consider actions and governance approaches that are intrinsically interrelated in systems of power and interests. The initiative is led by the independent senior researcher Gry Hasselbalch.
It is set up at the Bonn University’s Institute for Science and Ethics’ Sustainable AI Lab.


Sustainability Sept 2021 (2)

Call for Papers

This Special Issue is designed to think about the sustainability of AI and aims at sparking discussion on the environmental, social and economic costs of designing, developing and using AI across society.


Van Wynsberghe Slider2

AI research at the IWE 

Aimee van Wynsberghe has been chosen for Humboldt professorship „Applied Ethics of Artificial Intelligence“.



Institute of Science and Ethics (IWE)

Bonner Talweg 57
53113 Bonn


+49 228 73-8100
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Interviews and panels with Aimee van Wynsberghe

newest: "CAHAI International Panel - Service Robotics and Human Rights" (July 2021)

Ethik in der Forschung

Prof. Sturma leitet neue Kommission

Die Corona-Krise

Zeitungs- und Radiobeiträge von Prof. Dr. Bert Heinrichs und Prof. Dr. Annette Dufner

Moral gestalten

Methoden der Angewandten Ethik. Online-Beitrag von Prof. Dr. Bert Heinrichs,, Juli 2020

African Perspectives

Kooperation mit der University of Ghana. In regelmäßigen Abständen finden gemeinsame Fachtagungen zu bioethischen und philosophischen Themen statt.

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