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Handbuch Bioethik

During the past years, several monographs and collected editions have been published by authors and editors from the IWE, dealing with a great variety of subjects in the interplay of science and ethics. (more)


Annual Journal for Science and Ethics


The IWE provides the editorial basis of the Jahrbuch für Wissenschaft und Ethik [Annual Journal of Science and Ethics], a journal containing original articles as well as reports and documents dedicated to the ethical issues of medicine, science and technology. (more)


Studies on Science and Ethics


The series Studien zu Wissenschaft und Ethik [Studies on Science and Ethics] complements the Annual Journal of Science and Ethics, first published in 1996. (more)



Research Contributions of the Institute of Science and Ethics


The series Forschungsbeiträge des Instituts für Wissenschaft und Ethik [Research Contributions of the Institute of Science and Ethics] presents original work resulting from both research projects and expert conferences organized by the IWE. (more)

IWE Letter


The IWE Letter informs about the current projects of the institute. (more)





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